Every road leads to something. And whatever road you take leads you to different things. You get to learn and discover new things. That’s the only way you would go about trying to find answers on things or to get to a certain end of your desires.

you discover a lot in that short but what seems to be the longest route of your plan working out. But you have got to keep going, pushing and fending for yourself to get there. We all want to become something at some point. And the biggest of things is the beginning of the outcome you await, the step you take and lay a foundation to build up what you want.

Having this and making it work isn’t the easiest but you keep in mind the end goal of things. The happiness you will be left with and how proud as a person you will become, that is what drives you to greatness and what you need to finally reach your end goal.



Edmund Zuwanie – Dedication

What my Africa has faced…

The gun fire around us makes it harder to hear. But the human voice is different from the other sounds. It can be heard over noises that bury everything else. Even when the lowest whisper can be heard- Over armies…when it’s telling the truth.

                                                                                                             – Edmund Zuwanie 


Love of drums.

Beat of the drums that concord my heat. Home where the heart is, i shall forget not from this day onward. (taken from google)

play it

play it in a sweet tender way that hardens my heart to the sweetest cores.

play it loud enough that I can imagine the sound of Africa right now,

imagine the faces of the little ones as they jump up and down in different motions, each one with a different movement.

To the core of my heart let it beat. 

Allowance to dis-function me on a normal day for Africa is my home.

A home I have grown fond of, one that gets me to travel oceans apart for the feel of home. 


My deep fear of being a mother

How do i know I’ll do better?

I have lived to hate being a child in this household

Happy we may seem to appear in the streets of Vosloorus,

but they know better. from a very young age i was never entitled the freedom.

Freedom that every, seven, six year old should have.

Fare away dearest hope on things getting better,

fare away for the only way for us to be joyous is if “we” gulp in the first steps of independence.

How will i treat my own better? why do i have this feeling i can’t shake off that I’ll be just as bad? they know not of how deep the pain has been inflicted in my system. 

All i carry of a child is an admiration but fear to carry my own.

Excitement killed by the parents, accepted by I the daughter that is supposed to mother a child of the family I shall marry into. But no, I can’t go any further that wanting to have one.

They think they are doing good but slowly killing the good in me.

Dearest happiness the last time i had was about five years ago.

Won’t you just visit me even if it just for an hour?

I tried upon getting you through what would be food, clothes and going places

yet what i still bump into is a reminder of the fear i have to let my womb carry me a little one.

Torn apart as i still carry the pain too deep.

I can handle it, but they can’t.

I shall hold onto it  and not allow them to taste what I taste on a daily basis.

But dear child that I can never bring to the world

You a

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I have a dream
A dream that’s better than sitting on the left hand side of a car
One that empowers me as a young woman
A dream of me rising in my big enough car 
playing to my own type of music 
one that will enable me to hear my thoughts.

I have a dream bigger than driving in the high way of South Africa 
A dream of me driving between strange cities 
But riding around like I’ve been there from day one 
I have a dream bigger than fetching my kids from school
one that isn’t about settling for less 
It is one that will make me inspire other young girls  
It goes further than the three jobs i see myself working
It goes further to me flying to Paris alone and still not feel lonely
I have a dream that will I will stop at nothing to achieve